DVD: Ministry Musician Volume 1

Reserve Your Copy Of GospelKeys “Ministry Musician” Today and Join the Gospel Musician Elite Circle!

Now’s your chance to finally join the “elite circle” of gospel musicians who possess the contemporary and modern gospel flavor everyone covets!  You can now earn the right to be admired on the piano… respected… and looked up to, just like Jason White!  Because with dedication, I’m convinced that what you’re about to learn will propel you to the level you’ve always imagined.  So, if you’re truly serious about taking your gospel piano and keyboard playing to new heights, then you’ll definitely want to take action and get this course today.

This 4.5 hour course aims to teach you how to add your own flavor to hymns, the old school shuffle and how to apply it to old-time devotional songs like “I’m On The Battlefield,” worship and “mood” music, choir songs, praise songs, church “bebop,” shouting music, and a whole lot more!

Most importantly, you get exposed to the other side of church musicianship and what your role as a musician or minister of music should be. Jason takes literally 20+ years of experience and lays it in your lap in a fun, informative, entertaining way. Not only will he keep you at the edge of your seat, but he’ll keep you interested and smiling throughout the entire course. You’ll enjoy his occasional singing with the songs he teaches and his “church talk” in between.

If you’ve always looked up to musicians like Jason White and never imagined being able to learn from someone of this caliber, now’s your chance!